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investment and nationality


The concept of “citizenship by investment” was first introduced in the 1980s, in the Caribbean. In the course of time, similar programs were offered to the world by other countries, too. However, many of these countries are pulling these programs back, or making the participation conditions much stricter.

Today, the most favourable conditions for obtaining citizenship by investment are active at a place where this program originated from: in the Caribbean. And one of the most attractive countries in this sense is Grenada.

What does passport of grenada
give you

Visaless travels: 148 countries

Visaless travels: 148 countries

Living and doing business in the US by business visa

Living and doing business in the US by business visa

Tax optimization for your business

Tax optimization for your business

Opening accounts in European and American banks

Opening accounts in European and American banks

Education in the UK and the US by resident only prices

Education in the UK and the US by resident only prices

Legal security and political stability

Legal security and political stability

Remote registration of citizenship for the entire family

Remote registration of citizenship for the entire family

Назад Вперед

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    Travel without visas with a passport of Grenada


    Travel without visas with a passport of Grenada

    148 countries to go to without visas, including the Schengen zone, the UK, China, Singapore and Hong Kong

    What you need
    to know about Grenada

    Grenada is an island state in the southeastern Caribbean
    This country is member of the British Commonwealth
    Official language: English
    It is an offshore state with numerous benefits for its tax residents
    Annual average temperature: +26 °C
    More than 500,000 tourists visit Grenada annually
    A flight to New York takes 5 hours
    This is an ecologically clean country, and great attention is paid here to the protection of its natural resources

    residence in Grenada

    How does one obtain the citizenship of Grenada?

    The Grenadian citizenship investment program offers two options of obtaining a second passport:
    Option 1 from $ 150 000

    making a charitable donation of USD 150 000

    Option 2 from $ 220 000

    more into the state fund, or a real estate investment of USD 220 000 or more

    The most popular option is real estate investment, because this option enables you to reclaim the costs you had invested.

    individual cost estimate

    Find out right now how much would it cost to get a Grenadian citizenship for your entire family!

    real estate

    Real estate for investment

    Grenadian “citizenship for investment” program includes over 20 projects, and we can offer any of them to you. But the most popular of them all is the National Resort of Grenada.

    We are a partner agency of a Singaporean company, Heng Sheng Group, which is building a large-scale resort complex in Grenada.
    Real estate for investment
    Grenada’s National Resort

    national resort

    Grenada’s National Resort

    • Developer:

      Heng Sheng Group, Singapore
    • Construction company:

      CRCC (China Railway Construction) – China’s state-owned developer, one of the world’s largest general contractors.
    • Project timeline:


    Grenada National Resort

    • Luxurious hotels and villas
    • Private beach
    • An 18-hole golf course
    • An aquapark
    • A yacht marina
    • A casino
    • Commercial centers
    Grenada National Resort
    Grenada National Resort
    Grenada National Resort
    Grenada National Resort

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    • How to get a business visa to the USA and a residence permit in the European Union, with the help of your Grenadian passport
    • What benefits will your investment bring

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      HAYAT ESTATE is an international agency for foreign real estate. A Turkish company with Ukrainian roots, a European approach to work, and global ambitions.

      We help clients around the world select and purchase foreign real estate for living, investment, and generating passive income.
      A separate area of our activity is assistance in obtaining citizenship of countries that are most attractive for living.


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      steps to success

      5 steps towards the passport of Grenada


      Contact an immigration programs specialist of HAYAT ESTATE who will help you find the best solution for you.


      With the help of a specialist, prepare the necessary package of documents and submit it to the immigration lawyer.


      After checking the documents at the national and international levels, receive the preliminary approval.


      Pay the state fee and a block of shares, or a non-refundable fee.


      Obtain Grenada citizenship for yourself and your family, and enjoy all the privileges it provides.


      Frequently asked questions

      How is Grenadian “citizenship by investment” different from other similar programs?
      Unlike other countries, in Grenada you can obtain citizenship without any difficulties: you don’t have to receive a permanent residence permit first, you don’t need to live in the country for a long time, et cetera. Also, you can apply for citizenship of Grenada remotely. Another advantage is the speed: you will get your passport several months after you’ve submitted your documents.
      How to obtain Grenadian citizenship for the entire family?
      By investing USD 220 000 into a developer project that had been approved by the government of Grenada, you will be able to ensure citizenship to all your family members. In other words, one family – one investment.
      How to obtain a US business visa be means of the passport of a Grenadian citizen?
      We can secure for you an E2 visa as a package deal, together with the passport.
      What package of documents does one need to submit an application?
      A standard package of documents (a passport, a taxpayer’s identification number, a birth certificate, a marriage certificate, a criminal record clearance) plus a confirmation document from the bank that the applicant has enough funds to make the investment. We will help you prepare all necessary documents to submit to the immigration lawyer.
      How can you manage your investment?
      You can either reassign your shares immediately, to a financial company at a significant discount, or sell them for full value, 5 years after purchase.
      What are the guarantees of obtaining the citizenship of Grenada after you make the payment?
      Before the decision on granting citizenship is made, you only pay the document checkup fee – around USD 8000 per every applicant. You make the investment payment, and pay the state fee only after receiving a written decision of granting citizenship of Grenada.


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